Digital and E-Commerce manager

The Company:
This role will work as a team with two experienced Digital & Ecommerce team members and a switched-on marketing and operations organisation to ensure a superb fan and retail partner experience. The role will manage the digital presence and online sales for Faction, our new clothing brand and our new film release. The role will split the responsibility across the range of Ecommerce responsibilities based on the experience of the new team member in alignment with the existing across:
• Systems and technical excellence
• Website development and UX with our Shopify Plus, superb external development partner updating Faction as well as delivering for our new apparel brand and film
• Product information, merchandising and sales
• Working with our fan success team to ensure great results
• Working with our retail partner success and sales teams to ensure strong omnichannel experience for fans
• Working to deliver an industry standard pro channel experience
• Work with our fan marketing team to deliver a cohesive digital experience
• Analyse, test, improve, repeat
• P&L responsibility
• Work across both the B2C and B2B websites
• Assist with website updates, content improvement and development
• Work with Marketing to receive necessary assets including imagery, video, copy, tech info, etc.
• Upload, organise and maintain E-Comm assets, especially product pages
• Maintain and update E-Comm visual merchandising, homepage and content
• Work with Marketing to publish content that supports Marketing and E-Comm initiatives, including blogs, email, landing pages, and social
• Understand how our fans use the website and suggest ways to optimise it for their needs
• Plan promotional strategy to support E-Comm goals
• Develop and manage calendar for all digital activity
• Manage Digital Marketing budget
• Develop and execute email marketing campaigns to support E-Comm and Marketing
• Maintain ESP and email database and list segmentation
• Develop and execute strategy to increase database and customer retention across all owned channels
• Work with Marketing and E-Comm to drive traffic and conversion through SEO, retargeting, social media ads, etc.
• Provide weekly and monthly reporting and metrics on E-Comm, social, ad buy, KPIs, etc.
• Track, analyse and use insights to inform and recommend optimisations to Marketing for all channels to improve ROI
• Proactively research and recommend activations and tactics to improve ROI and support E-comm in reaching Sales goals
• Closely track and drive strategic decisions on the E-Comm to impact KPIs, including traffic, abandon cart, conversion, page views, etc.
• Experience in Ecommerce and digital marketing
• University degree, solid grades
• Fluent level of written/spoken English; French/German is bonus
• Organised, obsessed with detail, and driven by continuous improvement
• Willingness to learn and take initiative, work independently, and collaborate well with a team
• Excel skills (you should know how to use pivot tables and vlookups)
• Confident using modern software and apps to improve productivity
• Knowledge of basic Adobe Photoshop is a bonus
• Solid grounding in Google Analytics
• Passion for the outdoors and winter sports!


We believe that people are demanding more from their products - their skis, their clothes, everything they use.  Not just marketing guff - quality craftsmanship, heart and soul we can relate to.  And sharing it all with friends.

From a few skis in a run of 190 pairs back then, today our skis, jackets and films have won over 100 awards and more importantly we are shipping 24,000 skis in 2017-18 for riders in 35 countries.  

Online, we work with personalities, with great stories and in doing so we hope to inspire everyone to get out and ride. We are obsessed with progression, making our products better each year, and so we invest in giving the best to our fans and retail partners.

As a result, our sales have grown an average of over 50% over the past five years.  We believe that buyers' appetite for quality continues to grow and are working to earn that kind of growth rate for years to come.  

We bring a commitment to growing our team both professionally and personally, as well.  For those of us creating this little company with ambitions to excite fans everywhere, it's a dream job.  It's also intense, with long hours on the road, in the workshop, online and on-snow.  We operate with an ethos of trust, being different, taking responsibility, and we respect the Collective. 

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