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    photo credits: Sepp Mallaun

    In this six-part video series, world champion skier and certified mental strength coach, Lorraine Huber, reveals key lessons on mindset and mental strength exercises that she herself needed a decade to learn as a competitive freeride skier. Delve into some of the main learnings that allowed Lorraine to increase mental strength and mental toughness, enter flow state, become a better skier, overcome anxiety and fear, and perform at her best – even under extreme pressure.

    Because Lorraine struggled for years on the Freeride World Tour with fear and anxiety, self-doubt, and lack of confidence, she has walked the talk when it comes to developing your mental game. Watch these videos to fast-track your progress and success in your own skiing now!

    Find out more on Lorraine's website and support your learning with the free action cards.

    How to Build Confidence (and Enter Flow State)

    How to Build Confidence (and Stop Negative Self Talk)

    Visualization Techniques for Athletes (How to Build Confidence)

    How to Overcome Performance Anxiety (and Fear of Failure)

    How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear (Breathing Exercises)

    How to Deal With Anxiety and Overthinking (and how to Focus on the Present)


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